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 ANTARIS® – Energy saving with high efficiency LED lighting technology

ANTARIS® supports customers in the commercial and public sector looking to convert to cost-saving, premium-quality LED lighting. As a wholesaler, we supply installers and retailers with the latest generation of ANTARIS® LED lighting technology.

ANTARIS® energy-efficient LED lamps and LED lights are branded as ANTARIS® and LEDamon:

ANTARIS®: LED tubes, LED panels, LED high bay lights and LED floodlights LEDamon: LED bulbs and LED spotlights

ANTARIS® offer high quality, proven and tested LED lamps which are suitable for many applications, for example in offices and sales, logistics and production halls, car parks and public facilities, sports and recreational facilities as well as in the living area.

ANTARIS® LED lamps include a warranty of up to 3 years and our quality is certified by both TUV and VDE in Germany.


ANTARIS® provides a strong quality management provided by our own center for research and quality control as well as unusually long warranty periods on ANTARIS® LED products. So customers enjoy maximum safety when converting to energy-efficient lighting of the future.

ANTARIS® is part of the international JG group with headquarter in Germany. Since 2007 ANTARIS SOLAR is successfully operating in the field of renewable energies in the international photovoltaic market. With the LED division ANTARIS serves the increasingly important area of energy efficiency and electricity cost optimization.

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